Range Rover Evoque Convertible revealed {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

12 Nov 2015

Land Rover has revealed the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible ahead of the public debut at the LA Motor Show in a couple of weeks, probably to give lots of people on the internet who have no intention of ever buying one, lots of time to complain about it.

That’s one thing for certain – the new Evoque Convertible will divide opinion like few other cars, mainly because people don’t see the point in an SUV without a roof. To understand it though, you need to be a fan of the SUV in general and not necessarily ‘off-roaders’ as the two are quite distinctly different. Most buy the SUVs because of their feeling of size, solidity, good visibility from the high driving position and general image, so if you like all those things a convertible version makes a lot of sense. The high sides mean there’s not much buffeting in the back, which given the size also has two very usable seats by full sized adults. There are very few proper four seat convertibles which aren’t huge cars like the BMW 6-Series, so it really does occupy its own niche.

The Evoque convertible uses the 3dr body and keeps most of the styling, right round to the back. It’s only the rear window and roof that are changed thanks to the roof. It’s an unusual looking SUV but with the roof down it certainly has appeal.

The roof is a multi-layer folding cloth setup, which raises and lowers in 21 seconds at speeds of up to 30mph and there’s a pop-up roll over bar in the event of an accident. Unfortunately all the extra bracing required to keep the Evoque’s rigidity means it weighs 270kg more than the 3dr variant which blunts performance and economy somewhat, but that will likely not matter to the style conscious buyers. Engine choices are the 2.0 litre 180hp Ingenium diesel or 240hp 2.0 turbocharged Si4 petrol unit, both driving all four wheels via the standard 9-speed automatic gearbox.

The Evoque Convertible goes on sale in December with prices starting at £47,500 for the TD4 HSE Dynamic rising to £52,400 for the Si4 HSE Dynamic Lux. Though as with all modern cars, that can rise considerably if you attack the options list – we managed to get a top spec model up to £65,000!