Tesla reveals the 4wd Model S P85D {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

24 Dec 2014


Tesla isn’t known for doing ‘the norm’ when it comes to its cars. They’ve always been that one step ahead of the competition and now they’ve jumped about 10 steps ahead with the launch of the new Dual Motor versions of the Model S saloon, topped off by the incredible 691 bhp Model S P85D. The D variants get motors on each wheel, meaning they have a full four wheel drive system giving excellent traction in all conditions. Which is particularly necessary in the case of the P85D…

This new range-topper gets a 221 bhp motor to join the existing 470 bhp rear motor, meaning a combined output of 691 bhp and 687 lb/ft of torque. With the 4WD traction this means the P85D can sprint from 0 – 62 mph in 3.2 seconds (that’s as fast as a Ferrari 458 Speciale) and can complete the quarter mile run in 11.8 seconds. At full launch the passengers experience 1g in acceleration. But what is most impressive is that the range of this EV drops by only 10 miles to 275 miles, still incredibly impressive.

Visually the P85D looks the same as the standard Model S, which means a beautiful, smooth long hatchback. There are also dual motor versions of the 60 and 85kW versions of the Model S which actually get a better range thanks to the ability to constantly shift the torque and power to the appropriate wheel.

Tesla also showed off some impressive autonomous driving tech which basically means a cruise control system that reads the road ahead and can keep you in your lane and can change lanes when you use the indicator stalk. We doubt this will be legal to use for some time, but kudos to Tesla for developing the tech.

The P85D will cost £90,680 and though deliveries start in July 2015, you can order now.