The Top 5 Worst Footballer’s Cars {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

28 Aug 2015

If you’re unfortunate enough to read the Daily Mail website, you seemingly can’t go a day without seeing pictures of a popular footballer driving a truly hideous looking car. It’s almost as if they were all trying to outdo each other with turning there already expensive cars into the most audacious, flashy vehicles on the road. So with the eye bleach at the ready, we’ve delved through the internet to find the 5 worst footballer’s cars:

5 – Stephen Ireland’s Audi R8

The Stoke City player made waves when he bought this R8. He was playing for Manchester City at the time and his R8 initially had red detailing all over. Red is of course the colours for Manchester United, so the players and fans weren’t overly happy with Ireland’s choice of colour. The R8’s red bits were hastily sprayed blue and everyone was happy. Apart from us, because it still looked awful.

4 – Mario Balotelli’s Bentley Continental Supersport

You may not be able to see it, but there’s a Bentley Continental Supersport in the above picture. You see it’s wearing an incredibly clever camouflage wrap making it invisible to the naked eye. **rolls eyes** The Supersport is a 621bhp, 2.2 tonne GT car with huge presence and class, so we really can’t understand why you could want to add this terrible wrap to it!

3 – El Hadji Diouf’s Cadillac Escalade

A Cadillac Escalade is already a pretty brash vehicle. Huge, with a massive grille and lashings of chrome it stands out even in its native USA. But when ex-Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool and Leeds player El Hadji Diouf got his hands on one he really went to town. There are blacked out lights and windows, a mesh grille, 24-inch chrome alloy wheels and oh yes – the whole thing is covered in a chrome gold wrap. To say this thing stands out is an understatement.

2 – Stephen Ireland’s Bentley Continental GTC

Seems Mr. Ireland can’t leave the nice cars alone, as here we have his Bentley Continental GTC which has been thoroughly ‘pimped’. Technically this was his girlfriend’s car, but he still paid the bills and designed it so it deserves a place in this list. Where to start? Well, it has to be the bodykit – the Continental has a stylish, understated look which gives off the impression of wealth and class. So Stephen Ireland decided to add a truly awful bodykit that comes straight out of a 1994 issue of Max Power with added vents, a low front end, side skirts, rear spoiler, all with red detailing, some massive red, white and black alloys and a red and white interior complete with embroidered love hearts on the headrests. He really should be banned from owning cars if he does this to them!

1 – Djibril Cisse’s Chrysler 300C

Okay, where do we start with this? It may not be as exotic a car as the others in this list, but when ex-Liverpool player Djibril Cisse bought a Chrysler 300C he didn’t intend to let it stay standard for very long. There are three things on this car that are offensive to logic, taste and everyone’s eyes. First up is the bonnet. It’s white (on a black car) and features a huge portrait of someone close to him spray painted on it. It looks like a tribute, so it could be very sweet, but would you really want to drive around with that on your car every day? Next up are the huge disc alloy wheels, painted gloss black with silver and black rims. They just look terrible. Terrible. But they look glorious compared to the automotive atrocity that adorns the front end. Why have a nice mesh grille like everyone else when you can have a massive chrome tribal tattoo looking ‘thing’ slapped on the front. We have no clue how anyone could look at this and think it looks good, so that’s why it’s earned our number one spot.

Now, can someone pass the eye bleach?