Tim’s Top 3 – Filling his Dream Garage {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

14 Dec 2015

With our latest promotion of 50% off cars, we’re asking our Facebook followers to choose 4 cars to join our current selections. So thinking that you might want to create your own dream garage, Tim Oldland chooses his top 3 from our list:

1 – Jaguar F-Pace 3.0d S

I’m a family man, so I need a car capable of moving my family and associated stuff. Okay, the F-Pace SUV (not an off-roader, so they don’t step on Land Rover’s toes) may have a silly name, but this is certainly one of the most significant cars in the marque’s history. Along with the XE they are expecting sales to go through the roof and that can only be a good thing. Especially as the F-Pace looks absolutely fantastic – Ian Callum wanted to design an SUV that looked like a Jaguar, not a Jaguar stretched to look like an SUV and he definitely succeeded, with the typical Jag grille and lights sitting on the front of a seriously good looking vehicle. Still sporting and athletic, but with a big, practical body. With 2.0 litre diesel engines it can be very economical, but we’d have either the 3.0 litre 296bhp diesel or the 375bhp 3.0 litre supercharged V6 (from the F-Type V6S). Expect a fire-breathing V8 powered R version next year too.

2 – Ariel Atom 3.5

So we have our family car above, and it seems to me to be the perfect tow car – step forward Atom. The Atom 3.5 receives a raft of changes and features previously only seen on the Mugen or V8 models. There are new engine mounts and new dampers, which work in conjunction with an improved chassis to give a more compliant road ride and better balance on the track. There are also some detail changes which enhance the looks and usability of the Atom. These include a new LCD digital dash display incorporating gearshift change-up lights, a slightly restyled bonnet, new twin projector headlights and a set of LED indicator, brake and tail lights. A data logger is also available as an option which shows lap times, G-Force and other data on the new display. The engine choice is the 2.0 Honda VTEC engine with 245 bhp which gives the 550kg Atom the kind of performance usually experienced by supercars and motorbikes.

3 – Mercedes C63-S Coupe

With the family car and track car sorted out, that leaves the fun car for weekends, blasts out down a favourite road and using whenever you want something fun. That’ll be the new Mercedes C63S Coupe then! Thoroughly pulling the M4’s pants down with its 503bhp 4.0 litre twin turbo V8, the new C63 also looks like a baby S63 and makes the old model look very old fashioned. The new coupe has a long bonnet, tapering glasshouse and a stumpy rear that gives it really sporty proportions, something the old model never had. Up front there is the standard AMG grille with enormous three pointed star, while the bumper has two large intakes flanking a lower central one. It mimics the look of the C63 saloon which is a good thing – both are handsome cars. There’s also the twin-fluted bonnet and flared wheelarches front and rear to cover the wider track. The short stubby rear has a carbon lip spoiler and the rear bumper has a quad exit exhaust system and small diffuser, with added vents either side. It’s beautiful and aggressive, quite a combination.