Tim’s Top 5 Cars in the Comp {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

18 Jan 2017

There are a staggering 179 cars to choose from in the BOTB Dream Car Competition, so how on earth do you players manage to pick what to play for? I’d be deliberating for hours just to choose which car I’d want to have Christian turn up with on a Tuesday morning! But we all have our favourites and I’m going to sit down with a strong cup of coffee and choose my Top 5, hopefully it might inspire some of you….


5 – Mercedes A45 AMG


Three hundred and seventy seven brake horsepower - in a small family hatchback. Just let that sink in for a minute – that’s more than a 1980’s supercar had except now it’s powering a small family car, but has the added advantages of 4WD and a lightning-fast dual clutch gearbox so you can put all that power down in any weather conditions. There are few vehicles that can get from A-B down twisty back roads faster than the A45, thanks to the powertrain and the small size, not to mention the incredible AMG-tuned handling. And it’s only £2.50 per ticket this week – easily the best bhp/£!

4 – Classic Honda NSX


Why is this in my list? Just look at it! The classic NSX may have been superseded by the new model now, but the classic NSX remains just that – a classic. With a perfectly balanced chassis, proper supercar looks and a 276bhp 3.0 V6 to power it the NSX is one of the all-time great supercars, made even better by the fact that it also has Honda’s legendary reliability making it a far more usable classic than many. As for the handling, it can string together a sequence of bends with such precision and pure feedback that you’ll wonder if you had the hands of a racing driver – but it’s probably due to the fact that one helped tune the handling – a certain Mr Ayrton Senna….

3 – Nissan GT-R


Godzilla. The giant killer. The Nissan GT-R goes by many nicknames, but at the end of the day they all relate to the fact that it punches far above its weight. It’s not quite the bargain it once was, being some £20k more expensive than when it came out in 2007, but it has been continually developed over that time into one of the most engaging supercars on sale – oh and it also has almost 100bhp more than at launch with 562bhp from the twin turbo 3.8 litre V6. The original car’s handling was a little boring, with too much grip and was very much like a Playstation on wheels, but over the years it has become a brilliant supercar, so exciting to drive and absurdly fast. The latest model has a new interior too, so you get the best of all worlds now. And to top it off you can get tickets for just £4.50 for this iconic supercar this week.

2 – McLaren 540C


I have to add in a small caveat to start with here – I’ve not driven the 540C (yet). But I have done a lot of miles in a 570S (its more powerful sibling) and I would say that the 570S is the best supercar on sale today, so it would make sense that the 540C is also pretty damn good. It only gives away 30bhp and a couple of aero bits, but you’re still left with a staggering 533bhp from the same (ish) twin turbo 3.8 litre V8 that goes in the P1. That means a 3.5 second sprint to 62mph but numbers only tell part of the story – this is a rival for the Porsche 911 Turbo, but in this McLaren you get a carbon fibre tub, mini-P1 looks, incredible doors that open like a swan’s wings and a thumping great V8 behind you. The cabin is also a thing of wonder, with leather and alcantara and a proper supercar feel to the design. But as with all McLarens the real wonder is how they go down a road – in Normal settings they’re as comfy as a Merc S-Class , but put them in Track and they’ll destroy pretty much everything on the road. Incredible cars.

1 – Audi TT-RS


It was a tough choice, choosing my number 1 favourite car. There are so many great cars in the competition but for me the top dog had to have an unbeatable combination of looks, power, usability and price and where that would have previously been the Nissan GT-R it has now been superseded by the incredible Audi TT-RS. So let’s break it down. Looks – modern, aggressive, cool, the TT was already a great looking car but with the RS additions it has gone from pretty to pretty damn cool with the gaping front bumper, fixed rear wing and crazy wheels. Power – erm, yep I think it’s ok there with 395bhp from a 2.5 litre turbo five cylinder engine. Combined with the 4WD system and dual clutch gearbox that means 0-62mph takes just 3.7 seconds (that’s faster than the old R8 V10) and there’s a 155mph top speed that can be increased to 174mph. Usability – when you lift the rear hatchback you find a nice big boot and the rear seats are big enough to take a decent sized adult on short journeys, plus they fold down to make the boot even bigger. Price – well the TT-RS is already a bit of a performance car bargain at just over £50k (or £6/ticket in our comp) but it’s half price this week – so just £3 per ticket. Get buying those tickets!