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1 Mar 2017

Will and Christian have chosen their favourite cars for this week’s sale, and what a cracking selection of cars they are . For what it’s worth I’m on Team Christian, because there’s the Focus RS, Nissan GT-R and Alfa Giulia QV – all absolutely epic cars! I’ve decided to choose my favourite cars in the competition too, check them out:

5 – Mercedes GLC43 AMG

For a lot of people, having a supercar simply isn’t practical. People with families need space and practicality but don’t necessarily want to sacrifice a bit of performance so this is where the performance SUV comes in. A Merc GLE63 is super fast but will also cost a lot to run and is a pretty big car for driving around a town, so you need a smaller, fast SUV – step forward GLC43 AMG. A 362bhp twin turbo V6 gives ample performance, while there are sporty looks and lots of standard equipment too. It’s a proper jack of all trades.

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4 – Morgan EV3

The Morgan 3-Wheeler is a wonderfully quirky vehicle, with its v-twin engine stuck out of the front and the single rear wheel, but someone inside Morgan decided that it wasn’t quite quirky enough. So they tweaked the looks a bit and put an electric drivetrain in the same three wheeler body to create one of the craziest cars on sale. A car that looks pretty much like the one being made in 1930 yet has a state of the art EV drivetrain. Performance is just the same as the petrol engined 3-Wheeler and as that one had a small tank the range isn’t much different either. It’s just wonderfully bonkers Britishness at its best.

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3 – Abarth 595 Competizione

I’ll admit this straight away – I may turn 40 in a few months but mentally I am still a 25yr old, so I absolutely love small buzzy hot hatches. I fully admit that I would look utterly ridiculous driving an Abarth like this one, but I honestly don’t care as it’s just so much damn fun. To start with it looks fantastic – Abarth take the cutesy 500 and add enough aggression to make it look seriously cool. Then they add a 178bhp turbocharged engine that catapults this little hatchback around like a go kart and add some magic to the handling so it’s more fun than a lot of cars five times the cost. Drive one yourself – you’ll be surprised!

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2 – McLaren 540C

I have to add in a small caveat to start with here – I’ve not driven the 540C (yet). But I have done a lot of miles in a 570S (its more powerful sibling) and I would say that the 570S is the best supercar on sale today, so it would make sense that the 540C is also pretty damn good. It only gives away 30bhp and a couple of aero bits, but you’re still left with a staggering 533bhp from the same (ish) twin turbo 3.8 litre V8 that goes in the P1. That means a 3.5 second sprint to 62mph but numbers only tell part of the story – this is a rival for the Porsche 911 Turbo, but in this McLaren you get a carbon fibre tub, mini-P1 looks, incredible doors that open like a swan’s wings and a thumping great V8 behind you. The cabin is also a thing of wonder, with leather and alcantara and a proper supercar feel to the design. But as with all McLarens the real wonder is how they go down a road – in Normal settings they’re as comfy as a Merc S-Class , but put them in Track and they’ll destroy pretty much everything on the road. Incredible cars.

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1 – Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

With the GTS models Porsche has created the perfect specification to sit between the S and Turbo models. They take all the best options like wheels, bodystyling, suspension, engine power and handling and put them together into one package and charge less than they would be to spec separately. So you’re left with the perfect driver’s car without having to worry about the myriad options available. With the facelifted 911 that means the GTS gets 444bhp from its 3.0 litre twin turbo flat-six engine and that allows 0-62mph to pass in just 4 seconds on the way to a 192mph top speed – numbers that would have embarrassed a 911 Turbo not too long ago. We’ve chosen the 4WD version for the competition in the coupe as it means you have a practical sports car that can be driven all year around. I’d say that this with the GLC43 would be the perfect 2-car garage…

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