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13 Apr 2017

A guilty pleasure when you’re talking about cars, is something that you love, want and desire but deep down you know you shouldn’t. Like a teenager wanting a Volvo Estate. Or a 60yr old wanting a little hot hatch. So what cars in our line-up do I want, but know I probably shouldn’t?

5 - Mercedes G63 AMG

The design of the G-Wagon is about 60yrs old, the interior may have fancy trimmings but is awful ergonomically and it drives like a bus. So why do I desire a G63 so much?! And why of all the G63s do I want a bright orange one too? Probably because there’s something wrong with me, but the answer probably lies in the 5.5 litre twin turbo V8 under the angular bonnet. It’s such an epic powerplant and makes such a rude, fruity noise that it dominates the whole experience. Sure there are much better performance SUVs available for the money, but the G63 just has that ‘want’ factor that can’t be quantified.

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4 - Morgan 3-Wheeler

It’s slow. It’s noisy. It only has three wheels. It’s basically a pre-war design. So why do I want this Morgan in my garage? Because it’s fun – and that is sadly very overlooked in modern car design. The 3-Wheeler is the kind of car that you drive just because you can – you could’ve just taken your beloved pet dog to the vets to be put down, watched the opening sequence of ‘Up’ and stubbed your toe on the corner of the bed and you’d still be grinning like an idiot within seconds of getting behind the wheel. I should add that I also look absolutely ridiculous driving one – I stick so far out of the top it looks like I’m driving a bumper car, but honestly you just don’t care when you’re driving it!

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3 - Ferrari 308 Classic

Magnum. PI. Nothing more needs to be said.

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2 - Corvette Z06

Expensive, LHD and made of plastic. Oh and there’s a serious issue with the engines going pop. So once again there are lots of reasons why the Corvette Z06 is the illogical choice, not least the fact that at £90,000 there are plenty of other, far more accomplished supercars available. But have you seen a Z06 in the metal, sorry, plastic? I don’t think there’s a single car on sale that looks more aggressive. And under that long, angular bonnet sits a monstrous supercharged V8 putting out 650bhp and the kind of noise that makes old people complain three miles away. It’s also derived from their Le Mans winning race car and shares a lot of parts, so it actually handles incredibly well and is absurdly quick, but it’s utterly inappropriate for UK roads thanks to being LHD and super wide. Yet still I desire it far more than pretty much any other supercar, so go figure…

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1 - Ariel Nomad

This is by far the most ridiculous car we have in the competition. It’s basically an off road buggy, lightweight and RWD with chunky tyres and a massive roll cage, which makes it completely bonkers to drive on the road as it only has a windscreen (which is optional). You can see all the inner workings, the engine is exposed and there isn’t really a dashboard to speak of. And in reality there aren’t many places bar some private land that you could drive the Nomad properly, as designed, so what’s the point? Who knows, but by god I want one so much it makes my brain hurt. It looks just like the desert stormer vehicles you see in war films with a large gun mounted on top, the cage can be painted bright colours and it has a 235bhp engine so is crazy fast. Logic does not exist with the Nomad, only want.

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