Tim's Top 3 Beautiful and Ugly Cars... {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

7 Jun 2017

Let’s just get one thing straight first off – style, beauty and the like are all very personal. I may think that these cars are beautiful or ugly and some may think they’re all the other way around, but these are just the outpourings from my brain – feel free to choose your own and tell me yours!

Top 3 Beautiful cars:

To be honest this part of the list was easy, as I have these three cars rotating as the desktop image on my laptop…

3 – Ferrari 250 SWB

In third place sits the Ferrari 250 SWB – specifically one without the chrome bumpers. This means it looks mean, like a race car yet still achingly beautiful from the snub nose to the curved tail and the way the front wings flow down to the rear arches that kick up and over to meet the sweeping roofline. Absolutely gorgeous from every angle and was also a very successful race car to boot.

2 – Lamborghini Miura

This was a tough one, deciding between this and the Eagle for the number 1 spot. But don’t think of the Miura coming second as a bad thing, it’s still one of the most arresting shapes ever penned. When the Miura came out it was in the time of boxy saloons and zero style in the daily cars on the road, so just imagine how the Miura must have looked driving down the road – low to the ground, long, sweeping lines and vents and slashes, every part of it so stunning to look at.

1 – Eagle E-Type Speedster

This is probably a little controversial, choosing the Eagle over a classic E-Type, but for me Eagle have taken the very best aspects of the original and distilled it into pure automotive perfection. The body flows and swoops, bulging in all the right areas, nothing there that doesn’t need to be, the stubby windscreen accentuating the height of the rear arches. The front grille has been honed and tweaked to be just the right size, keeping the style but balancing the front design more, in fact Eagle’s designers spent months and months just tweaking and making minute changes until they reached the point where the Speedster is now. It may cost £500,000 but I’d need a turntable in my living room for it just so I could see it every single day. Perfection.

Top 3 Ugly cars:

Okay so now we get into the horrors. I hope you’re sitting down and haven’t eaten recently…

3 – Ssangyong Rodius

Starting us off is this Ssangyong Rodius, a vehicle seemingly designed by a team of 20 people who were never in the same room as each other or even saw what the others were doing. Imagine that game where you fold a piece of paper and one person draws a head, the next does the body, then the legs etc and you see what it looks like at the end? Yep, I’m guessing that’s what happened here.

2 – 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

Aerodynamics. They can produce some of the most wonderful designs we’ve seen – in fact they were the driving force behind the top two cars in the Beautiful list, but sadly in recent times they have been used to try and make cars more efficient by reducing their drag coefficient and that seems to have dictated that any semblance of style or class has gone directly out of the window – see this latest Prius. It was never a super stylish car, but now it’s just a mishmash of angles, creases and plain awful details. But hey, it does a billion mpg so who cares, right?

1 – Lamborghini Egoista

I absolutely love Lamborghinis. Of all the supercars from Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes etc I love Lamborghini the most because they’re outrageous and don’t really care for convention. Their styling is so other-worldly it somehow makes a Ferrari look boring, with aggression shouting from every body panel. But like a monkey being force fed caffeine sooner or later you go too far and they’re going to start throwing poop around. Step forward the Lamborghini Egoista – a concept car that was actually sold to a private individual who I’m assuming was blind. It was apparently styled to look like a fighter jet, but while I appreciate the single seater cabin and canopy windscreen, the rest of the details were so heavy handed and out of proportion it ended up looking like something a 6yr old would draw after eating way too many Haribo. Go back and look at a Miura for a while, Lamborghini and think about what you’ve done…