Which £6 Sports Car would we choose? {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

3 Jun 2015

If you look at the cars available in our Dream Car Competition for £6, the choice is huge. You have SUVs, sports cars, convertibles, track cars, classics, a total of 25 different cars. Here we’re going to focus on the most ‘obvious’ choice – the sports cars and choose three, then deliberate as to which one I would personally choose.

So after some thought I’ve chosen three exceptional sports cars that are all available for a £6 ticket in the competition – the BMW M4, Porsche Cayman GTS and Alfa Romeo 4C. Three coupes, three very different approaches to the sports car genre. So let’s break them down individually:


BMW’s M3 has been the go-to sports coupe for most for many years, with its blend of speed, exceptional handling, practicality and muscular looks. For the first time this generation M3 has become M4 for the coupe, and there’s also no naturally aspirated engine this time. But what you do get is a powerhouse 3.0 litre straight-6 engine with two turbos producing 425bhp which is enough to propel the M4 to 62mph in just 4.3 seconds. The bodywork is seriously pumped up over the normal 4-Series too so there’s no chance it would be mistaken for a lowly 420d M-Sport. Of our trio this is the only car with rear seats, and these are properly usable for adults too, so with the big boot it certainly wins on practicality.

Porsche Cayman GTS

When creating the Cayman GTS, Porsche decided to take the Cayman S and throw the best and most popular options at it, then chop a big load off the price, in the process creating one of the best handling sports cars in the last few years. Placed ahead of the M4 in many group tests this is a pure sports car – 2 seats, manual gearbox and a big naturally aspirated 3.4 litre flat-6 producing 335 bhp in a light body which is enough for 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds. This doesn’t tell the full story though, as the way you can weave the GTS down a twisty country lane defies logic. You feel connected to the GTS in a way few sports cars can claim.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Apart from the 4C – this thing has connection in spades. And quirkiness. And stunning looks. The Italians like to do things differently and when they decided to make a £45,000 sports car they eschewed the notions of normality and went their own way. So the key was lightness – out went the normal construction methods and in came a carbon fibre tub and body which means it weighs just 895kg. With that little weight you don’t need a big heavy V6 so there’s a little 1.8 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder lump putting out 237bhp. So with 100bhp less it actually beats the Cayman GTS to 62mph by 0.4 seconds and even manages a 5mph higher top speed. I haven’t even mentioned the looks yet – this thing turns heads like any Ferrari or Lamborghini and is truly one of the most incredible looking cars on sale today regardless of price.


So which one should you choose? That really depends on how you would be using it. If you have kids and no other car it has to be the M4 and you wouldn’t be disappointed. If it’s a weekend toy you want something a bit more exotic and it would certainly be a tough choice between the angry, beautiful 4C and the stunningly composed and complete GTS.

Me? I’d go for the Cayman GTS. It wins for me as it has a manual gearbox – the 4C has a paddle shift ‘box – and as good as the rorty sound from the Alfa’s exhaust is, I just love the sound of a flat-6. So the Cayman wins. What would you choose?