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Alpine A110 Legende

Alpine A110


How you do improve the sports car recipe? Recently the power race has been getting out of hand with saloon cars having 600bhp, supercars having 750bhp and hypercars over 1000bhp. This has happened because as a rule, sports cars have become heavier and heavier, so you need more power to overcome that weight. Step forward Alpine, resurrecting a very cool old model reengineered for the new millennium. The A110 takes a relatively new approach (Alfa Romeo went a similar route with the 4C) of making the car as light as possible – in this case 1080kg, which is less than a Fiesta – so that everything is made better. There’s less mass to move, so a 1.8 litre turbo four cylinder with 249bhp is more than enough, giving performance of 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. The handling is going to be better as the whole car has to shift less weight around, and as the engine isn't working as hard the economy and emissions are also improved. To give an idea of how revolutionary the weight is – the Porsche 718 Cayman, which has a similar price and power weighs in at 400kg more. Almost half as much again! The A110 is RWD too, so expect a sports car that is huge fun to drive. Win a Renault Alpine A110 with BOTB!


Engine / Cylsi4 Turbo Power249bhp
Displacement1.8ltr Torque320 Nm
Engine PositionMid Top Speed160mph
DrivetrainRWD CO2140 g/km
MPG45 mpg Retail Price£51,810
0-62mph4.5secs Cash Alternative£41,000

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