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Mercedes G350d

Mercedes G350d


The old Mercedes-AMG G63 made no sense at all. Take a massive off-roader, with a design older than the hills, offering pretty poor dynamics and packaging inside, weighing as much as the moon, then add a massive V8 engine and an AMG badge. But it sold really well all over the world, so Mercedes would have been stupid to mess with the formula. So despite outward appearances this is the all-new G-Class – no really, it is. The styling has been carried over almost unchanged – true G-Wagen geeks will notice certain elements but to the untrained eye it looks the same, whereas underneath it is massively different – mainly the fact that it’s 120mm wider and has a much longer wheelbase, so you finally have an interior that you be comfortable in. and that new interior is quite something too, taking design cues from the new E-Class it’s a massive step up in ergonomics, while it now has all the tech you can imagine. Now the car that grabs all the headlines is obviously the snarling G63, but not everyone wants or needs 577bhp and sub-20mpg which is where this, the G350d comes in. Still packing a powerful and torquey 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine, it manages 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds but can also almost hit 30mpg, quite an improvement over the AMG model. So you can now have all the style and class without the running costs – perfect.


Engine / CylsV6 Turbo Diesel Power282bhp
Displacement3.0ltr Torque600 Nm
Engine PositionFront Top Speed123mph
DrivetrainAWD CO2253 g/km
MPG29.4 mpg Retail Price£91,215
0-62mph7.4secs Cash Alternative£73,000

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