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Morgan 3-Wheeler

Morgan 3-Wheeler


Fun. A word that is sorely missing from most cars these days. Ferrari and McLaren make some of the fastest cars on the road today, but with their multiple ECUs controlling the suspension, gearbox, engine parameters and more, they are basically big Playstation 3’s. Thrilling of course, but fun? That’s debatable. Step forward Morgan and their truly crazy 3-Wheeler. Almost identical to the model of the same name made from 1909 to 1953, it now packs a Harley-Davidson based 2.0 litre V-twin engine with 82 bhp, which is actually quite a lot when it only weighs 525 kg. With all that power going through the rear wheel, with the exhausts either side of your head you get a truly visceral experience. A vehicle like this will turn your Sunday morning trip to the paper shop into a 3hr round trip – strap on your goggles and away you go… 

NOTE: The specs listed are for the UK, USA and ROW. In Europe the car has 68bhp, 129Nm, 0-62 in 7.0s, 34.9mpg and 187g/km.



Engine / CylsV-Twin Power82bhp
Displacement2ltr Torque140 Nm
Engine PositionFront Top Speed115mph
DrivetrainRWD CO2215 g/km
MPG30.3 mpg Retail Price£39,486
0-62mph6.0secs Cash Alternative£32,000

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