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Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche 911 GT3 RS


The Porsche 911 is such an iconic sports car, throughout the years the shape has stayed broadly the same but the models have become faster, more capable, more comfortable and handle better. But since the 996 variant there has been a sharper, more focused version – the GT3. The GT3 has always taken the regular 911 and made it a track and fast road weapon that offers a driving experience like few other cars. The 991 variant was widely heralded as being an incredible car, but now with the facelift 991.2 version the GT3 has reached its most potent and impressive version with this GT3 RS. The older 3.8 litre engine that had some issues has been replaced by a 4.0 litre flat-six – naturally aspirated, no turbos here – which puts out a frankly absurd 513bhp as it revs to an incredible 9000rpm. Consider for a second that most cars rev to around 6500rpm, so this is seriously impressive. When you rev this engine out to the redline your ears certainly know about it – that flat six howls and sings like a wailing banshee. This latest 991.2 GT3 RS also uses the absolutely incredible PDK-S dual clutch gearbox and what a gearbox it is – so quick through the gears that you think it's telepathic and whip-crack sharp on downshifts. Externally the GT3 RS gets a new front end with gaping intakes, a prominent splitter and race-style NACA-ducts on the bonnet, while the front wings get the stunning vents as seen on the GT2 RS. The rear wing is mounted higher and is frankly enormous now, dominating the rear of the car and providing serious downforce. And of course there are still the trademark twin central exhaust pipes that bring the noise. With the race-spec suspension and quicker steering the GT3 RS is so sharp, so direct and so involving that you’ll find yourself popping out to get milk in it every few hours, assuming your local shop is 20 miles away down a twisty back road! There really isn’t anything like a GT3 RS to drive on road or track, one of the most special cars ever to come out of Stuttgart. 

Note: As the 911 GT3 RS has such limited availability, the prize is for a Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS up to the value of £215,000 as this is their current value on the resale market. The car will not be brand new to the winner’s specification, but we will assist the winner in finding the right car for them on the market.


Engine / CylsFlat-6 Power513bhp
Displacement4.0ltr Torque469 Nm
Engine PositionRear Top Speed193mph
DrivetrainRWD CO2291 g/km
MPG22.1 mpg Retail Price£215,000
0-62mph3.2secs Cash Alternative£172,000

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