Engine Type 65° V-4 cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 16 Valve
Displacement 1000 cc
Power 201 bhp
Torque 115 Nm
Top Speed 177 mph
Weight 180 kg
Retail Price £15,999
Cash Alternative £13,000

When it comes to noticeably upgrading a bike’s performance, the expensive parts are the motor, electronics and chassis. And on this score the RR is right up there with the very best sportsbikes money can buy as the APRC is staggering, that V4 beautiful and the chassis is WSB-tested and developed. The compromises Aprilia have made to keep the RR’s cost down are simple, and cheap fixes few riders will ever feel the need to alter. This bike, at this price, deserves to sell. And sell as well as any rivals, possibly even better, as it is tremendous value for money.

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