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It's entertainment, but as you've never seen it before. Step into the world of 8K with the Sony Master Series. Four times the resolution of 4K, everything you watch is rich in depth, texture, and detail.

Simply upscaling from Full HD or 4K isn't good enough for this monster of a TV. Instead, it cleverly analyses each scene and uses Sony's exclusive 8K database to accurately upscale everything you watch in real-time – simply amazing!

No detail is lost in the shadows or highlights thanks to the Full-Array LED display with Backlight Master Drive and Dynamic Range PRO technology. Each zone is individually controlled for the perfect balance of contrast.

And it wouldn’t be a home cinema without the right audio gear! Sony's clever Vertical Surround Engine places you at the centre of the drama on-screen, with audio that feels like it's all around you!

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RRP: £10,328
Cash Alternative: £8,262

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