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Vespa Elettrica

Vespa Elettrica


After nearly two years of teasers, it’s finally arrived - the iconic Vespa scooter has been electrified! The Elettrica will have similar performance to a standard 50cc scooter, with a brushless DC motor good for peak power of 5.4hp and a pokey torque rating of over 200Nm. With both an energy saving and power mode, this vehicle is totally silent either way. The underseat compartment houses the dedicated helmet as well as the flexible charging cable. The lithium battery can be fully charged in 4 hours and is good for a 62 mile range. The 4.3 inch colour display acts as an extension for your smartphone, giving guidance, journey stats and in fact allows answering of calls and message notifications. It’s safe to say this icon has now been thoroughly updated and we can’t wait to see them silently gliding around town!


Engine TypeEV Top Speed30 mph
Displacement0 cc Weight102 kg
Power5 bhp Retail Price  (UK RRP)£6,249
Torque200 Nm Cash Alternative£5,000

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