Engine Type DOHC, Parallel Twin
Displacement 562 cc
Power 47 bhp
Torque 56 Nm
Top Speed 115 mph
Weight 218 kg
Retail Price £11,999
Cash Alternative £10,000

Looking for a commuter that handles like a ‘real’ motorbike? Look no further, the Yamaha T-Max may seem expensive for a commuter, but if you look at the tech it’s packing, you won’t be surprised. Nestled into a twin spar aluminum frame is a 47bhp parallel twin that’ll easily leave most competition in the dust at the lights. It’ll top 115mph when you really want to go for it, but is light and nimble, cutting up traffic on the city streets at the flick of a wrist. In Europe they’re hugely popular and gaining ground quickly over here. Don’t be fooled by its commuter looks though, with equipment that matches many tourers and some undisputable sporty performance – it’ll be just as happy out on the open road.


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