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Retail Price £46,775
Cash Alternative £37,000
0-62mph 4.9secs
Top Speed 155mph
Power 302bhp
Displacement 2.0ltr
Engine Position Front
Drivetrain AWD
MPG 33.6
CO2 191
Engine / Cyls i4 Turbo
Torque 450

Who could have predicted that in 2020 the most popular style of car would be the SUV? Certainly not us. But popular they are and now even contain the even smaller niche of the performance-SUV.

And that sub-niche spreads right across every size too, from the gargantuan X5M/Cayenne Turbo S down to the smallest offerings like the Audi SQ2 and this from BMW – the X2 M35i.

Think of it as an M135i that has been stretched upwards and you’re pretty much there, so it has the same 2.0 litre 4-cylinder turbo engine producing 302bhp and 450Nm, with the same 8spd auto gearbox sending power to all four wheels with BMW’s xDrive system.

But the X2 is easier to get into, easier to see out of and has a little edge of practicality than the 1-Series simply doesn’t have. And surprisingly for a higher riding vehicle it also handles really well!

In fact across country the X2 M35i will likely be quicker than the M135i thanks to the longer travel suspension allowing it to keep in contact with our notoriously bad roads more.

This could be the secret pocket rocket that nobody knows about and you could win one this week in the BOTB Midweek Car Competition!

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