« Back Hyundai Kona Electric Premium SE

Retail Price £41,250
Cash Alternative £33,000
0-62mph 7.9secs
Top Speed 104mph
Power 201bhp
Drivetrain FWD
CO2 n/a
Torque 395
Battery 64 kWh
Range 278 miles

Bold statement time – the Hyundai Kona Electric Premium SE is the best value EV on sale today. Now, that’s considered a bold statement mainly because it costs over £40k, but there are so many great points about this Kona that it more than warrants the praise.

To start with, this is a medium sized crossover hatchback (meaning its raised up a bit) that has a real world range of over 270 miles – and that is tried and tested by our very own reviewer Tim – over a week of testing he got well over 250 miles range with each recharge.

There’s also plenty of power, 201bhp makes for rapid progress when you want to, and it even looks good.

Being Premium SE spec it has every option ticked too, you can only choose colour so there is every possible bit of tech you could want on this Kona EV. Sure the Tesla Model 3 is a similar spec, but that doesn’t have Hyundai’s incredible 5yr warranty or peerless build quality.

What Hyundai have done is create an EV that to 99% of people would be indistinguishable from a petrol/diesel version in daily use. And that’s a major achievement.

And you can win one in the Midweek Car Competition for just £2!

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