Retail Price £45,000
Cash Alternative £36,000
0-62mph 4.6secs
Top Speed 155mph
Power 276bhp
Displacement 2.0ltr
Engine Position Front
Drivetrain AWD
MPG 25
CO2 265
Engine / Cyls Flat-4 Turbo
Torque 343

In the late 90’s the practical performance car to own was the Subaru Impreza WRX, with a 2.0 litre turbocharged flat-four engine which produced one of the most iconic noises ever to grace a road car – that offbeat warble could be identified streets away especially when amplified by the dustbin-sized exhausts most owners fitted.

In Japan there was a 2-door version which was so much cooler and had more power, but it was just too expensive to import one of those and lacking warranty etc, so Subaru had an idea. They teamed up with Prodrive, who made the WRC rally cars and created the P1, the swansong of the first generation Impreza.

So they started with the Japanese-market Type-R with it’s sexier 2-door body and added a bodykit designed by none other than Peter Stevens (who designed the McLaren F1), kept the 276bhp version of the engine and added some bespoke suspension components.

When tuned by the magicians at Prodrive this created one of the best Imprezas ever – quick, great handling and with just enough grip for security yet not too much to remove the fun.

The P1 is one of the all-time greats - and you could win one in the BOTB Midweek Car competition! 


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