« Back Volkswagen ID3 Tour Pro S

Retail Price £42,290
Cash Alternative £34,000
0-62mph 7.9secs
Top Speed 100mph
Power 201bhp
Drivetrain RWD
MPG n/a
CO2 n/a
Torque 310
Battery 77 kWh
Range 336 miles

Volkswagen had a bit of an image problem after ‘dieselgate’ so they made a decision a couple of years ago to put all their eggs in the EV basket. With all the budget, make their first ground-up designed EV, and this is the result – the ID.3.

 You see, we’ve had the e-Golf and e-Up! for a while now and they were a good way to get people on board with an electric VW. But to do it properly you need to get all the benefits that designing as an EV from the beginning can bring.

So the ID.3 is as big as a Golf outside, but almost Passat-sized inside as there’s no big engine or drivetrain to try and package, nor a big tank of flammable liquid.

So there’s a long wheelbase, short overhangs and a spacious interior and apleasing, non-offensive exterior styling just as VW always do so well.

This is the top-level ID.3 Tour Pro S, which has the same 201bhp electric motor as the rest of the range, but has a 77kWh battery, which means it has a WLTP range of 336 miles – that’s serious Tesla-level range and basically removes range anxiety. You could drive from London to Manchester and only use 2/3rds of the battery.

If you want stylish, sensible EV family motoring in a compact package the ID.3 really is one of the best options out there, after all this is the car that will save VW!


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