Welcome to BOTB


BOTB has launched a new website to provide you with a more consistent experience whether you are on a computer, tablet or mobile.

On desktops and laptops, the new web pages are wider than the old design to make the most of the dimensions of modern computer screens, whilst the site is also now fully optimized for mobile devices.

It is also easier to navigate, with cleaner sections and pages and a consistent look and feel. Images are bigger, we've added more information for each of the cars in our Dream Car line-up and removed a lot of unnecessary clutter!

The redesigned website includes an improved Loyalty Programme and a brand new feature - Leagues - where you can challenge your friends in the Dream Car Competition each week.

Why have we made these changes?

We have rebuilt the BOTB website from scratch in a responsive design - this means pages adapt automatically to the screen size of the device you are viewing it on, giving you the best experience no matter how you are looking at the site.

The new Loyalty Programme and Leagues are designed to better reward regular customers and add a little fun to entering the Dream Car Competition each week!

Has the Dream Car Competition changed?

No. The Dream Car Competition operates in exactly the same way it always has - select the cars you want to enter for, play Spot the Ball to enter and then checkout. There's a guaranteed winner every week.


New Loyalty Programme

Everything's new except the name! The BOTB Loyalty Programme will still be called the Supercharged Club, but works differently to the previous loyalty scheme:

  • - The new club features 3 tiers: Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • - There are exclusive benefits associated with each tier, including free Dream Car Competition tickets, extra entries into the Superdrives competition and exclusive Refer a Friend bonuses.

Qualifying criteria and full details of the programme can be found on the new Supercharged page.

New Leagues

Entering the Dream Car Competition every week just got a lot more fun. The new Leagues give you and your friends a chance to compete against each other to see who's closest in the weekly Spot the Ball photos. Earn bragging rights over your mates and see who's top of the table in our 6-weekly league cycles!

Find out how to create a league and invite your friends on the Leagues page.

Can I give my feedback?

We welcome all feedback on the new design. Let us know your thoughts by emailing {{contact_email}} or give us a call on {{contact_tel}}.