Dream car competition winner & results Michael Kyle - Range Rover Evoque Coupe Week 35 2015 (24th - 30th August)



Michael Kyle is suffering from a bit of jet lag as he's just landed in Florida for his summer holiday. And he’ll have even more trouble sleeping now that he knows he’s the latest Dream Car Competition winner! We managed to get a message to Michael to give us a call and we spoke to him at 3.30am(!) his time to say he’d won the amazing Range Rover Evoque worth £45,000. Michael, who works as an Electrician for Asda, immediately said he’d be celebrating with some champagne later, although admitted he may need a few cups of coffee first – congratulations Michael!


Winning Coordinates

Reward Scheme

Dream Car Credit is awarded for doing well in Dream Car Competitions, depending on how close you are to the winning position.

  • Zone 1

    For each ticket in Zone 1, we will credit your account with 100% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 2

    For each ticket in Zone 2, we will credit your account with 15% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 3

    For each ticket in Zone 3, we will credit your account with 10% of your ticket value after discounts

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The winner is calculated by external auditors Wilkins Kennedy, a top 20 UK accountancy group. View confirmation letter


  • Ari Mendonca - AFA Referee
  • Trevor Weaver - AFA Referee
  • Gareth Dineen - AFA Referee


The top 20 closest players to the winning coordinates all receive £200 in Dream Car Credit.

  • David Millar (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage (+ £10k Cash)
  • Jaydeep Dhakan (AE) - Aston Martin Vantage (+ £10k Cash)
  • Ian Wilcock (GB) - Range Rover LWB Autobiography
  • William Shields (IE) - Mercedes A45 AMG
  • Ian Bullough (GB) - Porsche Boxster GTS
  • Pamela Matter (CH) - Aston Martin Vantage S Roadster (+ £10k Cash)
  • Paul Birch (GB) - Porsche Boxster GTS (+ £10k Cash)
  • Paulo Pestana (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage (+ £10k Cash)
  • Harry O'Brien (GB) - Mercedes SL500 (+ £10k Cash)
  • Chris Taylor (GB) - Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE (+ £10k Cash)
  • Andy Davies (GB) - Mercedes A45 AMG
  • Mark Fogarty (GB) - Mercedes A45 AMG (+ £10k Cash)
  • Vanessa McGowan (IE) - Mercedes A45 AMG
  • Nayana Panchal (GB) - Mercedes A45 AMG (+ £10k Cash)
  • Gustav Leuhusen (SE) - Porsche Boxster GTS (+ £10k Cash)
  • Nils Ridderstahle (SE) - Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic Si4
  • Maxence Le Gouvello (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage (+ £10k Cash)
  • Patrick Fitzgerald (GB) - Porsche Boxster GTS
  • Wayne Sullivan (GB) - Nissan GT-R (+ £10k Cash)
  • John Wicks (GB) - Maserati Granturismo Sport (+ £10k Cash)