Dream car competition winner & results Mr. Christopher Nicolle - Range Rover Evoque April 1st - 15th 2013 (1st - 15th April)



Christopher has been entering the Supercar competition for a number of years now and was delighted his patience had paid off when we surprised him with the news at the school where he teaches. Chris is our first ever winner from the Channel Islands and he's certainly keen on nice cars, playing for a wide range over the years including Aston Martins, BMWs, Porsches and Maseratis. Chris astutely chose the Evoque plus cash option, so also wins £10,000!


Winning Coordinates

Reward Scheme

Dream Car Credit is awarded for doing well in Dream Car Competitions, depending on how close you are to the winning position.

  • Zone 1

    For each ticket in Zone 1, we will credit your account with 100% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 2

    For each ticket in Zone 2, we will credit your account with 15% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 3

    For each ticket in Zone 3, we will credit your account with 10% of your ticket value after discounts

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  • Gordon Kirby - AFA Referee
  • Hugh Gilroy - AFA Referee
  • Mike Naylor - AFA Referee


The top 20 closest players to the winning coordinates all receive £200 in Dream Car Credit.

  • Ram Manohar (GB) - Land Rover Freelander
  • P Heaton (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage
  • Stephen Ashton (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage
  • Tino Callaghan (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage
  • Robert Hurst (GB) - Porsche Boxster S
  • Joe Jeffries (US) - BMW M3 Coupe + £10K
  • Kenny Lee Fizell (IL) - Porsche 911 Carrera S
  • Dennis Heaton (GB) - Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe
  • Kasim Sheikh (GB) - BMW X5 3.0 d SE
  • Steven Cuthill (GB) - Infiniti FX 3.0d S Premium
  • Allan Mcnaught (AE) - Porsche 911 Carrera S
  • Mark Poolton (ES) - Porsche 911 Carrera S
  • John Day (GB) - Jaguar XF-R
  • Alex Erichsen (DK) - Audi RS6 Avant
  • Danny Wilson (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage