Instant Win Winners

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Mr. John MacDonald

Mr. John MacDonald, United Kingdom

IW 262 - Sony 46in Bravia LCD TV
Completed: 03/12/2007

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"You have got to be kidding me! Thank you!"

Mr. Francisco Sequeira

Mr. Francisco Sequeira, United Kingdom

IW 260 - Omega Planet Ocean
Completed: 03/12/2007

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"Oh my God! Really? I really wanted to win this one. Thank you so much!"

Mr. Darren Casey and Mr. Mike Cowdrey

Mr. Darren Casey and Mr. Mike Cowdrey, United Kingdom

IW 258 - Top of the range Apple iMac
Completed: 03/12/2007

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"I'm quite shocked, I have to say. Wonderful news!"

Mr. Mike Summers

Mr. Mike Summers, St. Albans, United Kingdom

IW 259 - Rolex Submariner
Completed: 20/11/2007

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"Thank you! I'm extremely happy!"

Mr. Marek Kozel

Mr. Marek Kozel, United Kingdom

IW 273 - 7 night holiday for 2 in the Maldives
Completed: 09/11/2007

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"I can't believe I'm going to the Maldives! How do you think I feel? Absolutely over the Moon! Thanks again!"

Mr. Ian Renshaw

Mr. Ian Renshaw, United Kingdom

IW 261 - Nikon D40x
Completed: 19/10/2007

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"Are you telling me that I won? For real? hahaha WOW! WOW!"

Mr. Rafael Galvez

Mr. Rafael Galvez, United Kingdom

IW 257 - Apple iPod Touch
Completed: 18/10/2007

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"That's funny because I was just thinking of buying one. Thanks a lot for this!"

Mr. Andy Jarvis & Mrs. Mirka Lysnar

Mr. Andy Jarvis & Mrs. Mirka Lysnar , United Kingdom

IW 248 - Canon EOS 400D Digital SLR Camera
Completed: 25/09/2007

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"Thank you! I'm very, very happy. I will definitely play again!"

Mr. Dave Walker

Mr. Dave Walker, Southhampton, United Kingdom

IW 256 - Omega Planet Ocean
Completed: 20/09/2007

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"Great stuff! Fabulous! Thanks!"

Mr. Christopher Esparon

Mr. Christopher Esparon, United Kingdom

IW 252 - Rally School for Two
Completed: 13/09/2007

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"Did I win it? That's brilliant!"

Mr. K. Kourtis

Mr. K. Kourtis, Zurich, Switzerland

IW 251 - Nintendo Wii + Extras
Completed: 13/09/2007

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"I'm really excited about this win! Thanks!"

Mr. Kevin Miller

Mr. Kevin Miller, London, United Kingdom

IW 250 - Rolex Submariner
Completed: 14/09/2007

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"Fantastic! That's is fantastic news!"

Mr. Ron Long

Mr. Ron Long, United Kingdom

IW 249 - MINI, Harley or £10k
Completed: 30/07/2007

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"I'm thrilled. Now that I've won, I will certainly be playing again"

Mr. Peter Harrod, United Kingdom

IW 245 - BMW MINI or £10,000
Completed: 18/06/2007

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"I won the prize after playing for only 9 minutes. What makes this win even sweeter, is the fact that I was going to buy a Mini anyway"


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