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May 2010 Supercar Winner

Posted 6 years ago in Competition News

Mr. Prakton Mal from Norway was the winner of our May Supercar Competition. Unsurprisingly, it took a while for the excellent news to sink in!

Mr. Prakton Mal is still deciding which prize to take – an enviable task indeed! Many congratulations to our winner, runners-up (listed below) and thanks to everyone who entered in May.

For those that did enter, don’t forget to check your account to see how well you did and to claim any credit you have earned! Remember, this will expire at the end of the month and can be redeemed against this month’s Supercar competition.

Runners Up Prizes

We also gave away some great runner-up prizes this month, congratulations go to:

24 Hours in an Audi R8

Mr Patrick Drinan (GB), Mr Michael Greene (IE), Mr Simon Luckett (GB), Mr Marc Kane (US), Mr Nicholas Sloane (ZA), Mrs Marlyn Cowan (GB), Mr Ole Morten Husoy (FR),
Mr Cordner Reid (GB), Mr Marian Gabriel Terci (GB), Mr Andre Schuetz (DE), Mr Mike Clements (BW), Mr Stuart Fitzgerald (GB), Mr Sean Harrison (IE)

£200 Game Credit

Mr Rashid Erteza (NO), Mr Normanton R (GB), Mr Timm Degenhardt (CH), Mr Jack Mcinnes (GB), Mr Ole Morten Husoy (FR), Mr David Bennett (AE), Mr Ken Williams (GB),
Mr Pierre Darricarrere (UY), Mr Paul Clayton (GB)



  1. Prakton Mal, Oslo, Norway says:

    It is great to be a winner for the May 2010 draw of the Supercar competion. I would recommend all car lovers to try their luck. It is worth for a good cause.

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