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Toyota FT-86 leaked ahead of Tokyo Show debut

Posted 5 years ago in Japanese, Miscellaneous News

Sneaky shots emerge from aftermarket tuning parts brochure…

The first pictures of the Toyota FT-86 have leaked to the web, ahead of its unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Apparently taken from an upcoming Modellista brochure (aftermarket tuners for Toyota brand), the images reveal a sporty coupe with a three piece body kit. The overall appearance mimics the FT-86 II concept, but the front end has been significantly revised to be less aggressive and more attractive, more like the original red concept car.

Inside, the cabin is relatively straight forward with simplistic gauges, minimal controls and a basic design. Notable highlights include two-tone seats, a prominent center console and a large steering wheel.

Sadly, there’s no technical data but the FT-86 is expected to feature a Subaru 2.0-liter Boxer engine with approximately 250 hp (149 kW / 203 PS) and a kerb weight of less that 1300kg which should give it a decent turn of speed and tight handling.

The FT-86 is being jointly developed with Subaru, who will be launching their take on the small coupe – the BRZ at the Tokyo show as well. No concepts have been shown of that car, but rumours say that it will have more power than the Toyota, and be more overtly sporting. It will not, however, have a turbo or AWD which is a first for Subaru.

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  1. David says:

    A tamed down character of the smoikng hot version, but some how this one looks so smooth, sleek and complete. Its like a ‘spot on’ car. Toyota sees what many cannot. Its just knows what’s right. This one looks even more smoikng. Cars grow.Of course with the quality and engine dynamics of Toyota, no surprises if it becomes a household name.

  2. Nadine says:

    Sounds like a Subaru, wish they had included some exrtenal shots of the drifting, hard to tell much from inside the car. I wouldn’t buy a Scion, if I couldn’t get the Toyota I’d buy the Subaru version, I’m just prejudiced like that.

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