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June (17th – 30th) Supercar Winner

Posted 4 years ago in Competition News

“WOW, thank you. That’s fantastic. Thank you!”

Congratulations to our June (17th – 30th)  Supercar Competition Winner – Mr. Ruin Zaheer from Canada.

Mr. Zaheer won with a Category 2 ticket, so he can now choose from an incredible selection of sports cars from Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes and more!

Runners Up Prizes of £200 Worth of Competition tickets go to:

Mr Terry Page (GB),
Miss Dariko Gogua (GB),
Mr Rohit Mariwalla (GB),
Mr Ali Karahassan (GB),
Mr Frank Adjei (GB),
Mr Martin Hanrahan (GB),
Mr Keith Pedlar (FR),
Mr Alwyn Taljaard (ZA),
Mr Kurt Vandermosten (BE),
/Mr Gavin Cornelius (GB),
Mr Ben Thompson (GB),
Mr Guy Burnett (AU),
Mr Simon Gardner (GB),
Mr Thorleif Nilsen (DE)


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