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February (1st-15th) Supercar Winner

Posted 2 years ago in Competition News

“What?? I can’t believe this – no way! This is crazy…I need to splash some water on my face. Thank you so much! “

Congratulations to our February (1st-15th)  Supercar Competition (SC904) Winner Mr. Oscar Ortmans from the UK.

Mr. Ortmans won with his choice of our 28th most popular prize in the competition – the hot little Fiat 500 Abarth SS.

BOTB’s William Hindmarch decided to surprise Oscar at home when he’d just woken up!


Oscar often enters the competition when he passes one of our airport stands – he’s recently played at Gatwick, Edinburgh and Copenhagen! Each time he plays for different cars, choosing anything from Mercedes to Range Rovers and in this case the hottest of hot-hatches – the Abarth SS. Oscar is delighted with his win as his own car was badly smashed in a recent accident (the other driver’s fault, he assures us!) Congratulations on your win Oscar – enjoy the 500!

Runners Up Prizes of £200 Worth of Competition tickets go to the following players (and their choice of car they played with):

Mrs Caroline Enderby (GB) – Porsche 911 Targa 4S

Mr Klaus Jorgensen (DK) – Mercedes SLK350

Mr Francesco Lops (IT) – £25K Cash

Mr Donal Mcnally (US) – Alfa Romeo 4C

Mr Ryan Hutton (GB) – Aston Martin DB9

Mr Bernie Vure (GB) – Aston Martin Vantage + £10k Cash

Mr Clinton Mccarthy (GB) – Aston Martin Vantage + £10k Cash

Mr Jean-Baptiste Pierini (LU) – Maserati Ghibli S + £10k Cash

Mr Alan Davies (GB) – Audi RS4 Avant

Mr Brian Lepak (DE) – Porsche Macan Turbo

Mr Paul Hildyard (GB) – £25,000 Cash

Mr Roman William Gates (GB) – Range Rover Sport TDV6 SE

Mr Steven Cuthill (GB) – Aston Martin Vantage S + £10k Cash

Mr Bholesh Kakiya (GB) – Range Rover TDV6 Vogue SE + £10k Cash

Mr George Sherlock (GB) – Range Rover Evoque 3dr Si4 Dynamic

Mr Lungulescu Catalin Valentin (RO) – Nissan GT-R + £10k Cash

Mr Patrick Ellis (GB) – Aston Martin Vantage


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