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Adrian is part of the CRM team and the man behind the latest additions to the Midweek Lifestyle Competition. As Tough Mudder veteran and seasoned paintballer, Adrian loves diving around in the mud almost as much as a proper German beer... and correcting everyone’s grammar. Staying true to his Germanic roots, he dreams of one day racing down the Autobahn in an ABT RS7.

As part of the design team here at BOTB, Alex loves to think outside the box when unleashing her creative side. Speaking of boxes, she would love to find a Nissan GTR at her door one day – with or without a box! But until then, she will ride her longboard around London and plan her next acrylic painting.

A creature of habit, Ben has the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day and aside from managing the team at BOTB, he also frequently shares terrible '80s throwbacks and trivia. As a father of two high school girls, working with cars provides the perfect antidote to all the clothes, make-up and Harry Styles posters he's surrounded with at home, although we think he quite likes it really…

Being a bit of a foodie, Choo goes by the mantra "follow your nose" and is on the constant lookout for exciting new food. He'll tell you in a heartbeat what his dream car is: a Mercedes C63S Coupe in diamond white, equipped with a Burmester sound system. We don't think any food would be allowed in the car, though…

He talks on the radio and drives cars for a living… some say it’s not even really a job (us included!)

Christian presents the weekend breakfast show on Virgin Radio across the UK as well as being the presenter for the BOTB surprise videos. He fell in love with cars when his Dad had an old Mercedes 280 SL - the smell of oil, leather and petrol really got into his skin.

Watch out for Christian every Tuesday morning!

When he's not in the thick of all things CRM, Dave likes to immerse himself in music, politics, literature and whatever DIY he can get his hands on. Taking a learn-by-doing approach, Dave recently built himself his very own horror-movie viewing "cabin in the woods". He relocated from Scotland some years back with his "modern classic" 2002 Ford Focus, complete with bespoke 'scratched' paint-job.

Until recently, Dave has navigated this beautiful world by following the many paths of freelancing. But the tides have changed, and he can't deny a permanent position is very much worth the paper it's written on. Outside of work, passions involve Sichuan hotpots, strumming his acoustic guitar, exploring foreign cultures and, last but not least, a decent beer garden!

Graham helped build the first-ever BOTB website back in 2008, and now after a ten-year hiatus, he's back as Solution Architect. As a child of the 70s, Graham has always had a hankering for the white Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me, though these days, he'd probably settle for a more up to date Aston DB10. When the weather's good, you can often find him cycling laps of Richmond Park or participating in cycling charity events. But when the weather's bad, he likes to relax by playing the Tenor horn and eating swiss fondue – just not at the same time.

Meet Gareth, a technology enthusiast and adventurous soul. As a skilled developer, he's always up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and enjoys working with cutting-edge tools and software.

Outside of work, you'll find Gareth indulging in his love for sailing, snowboarding, and cycling. He's owned several VW Golfs over the years and though his dream car is a Porsche 911 Turbo, he's also drawn to the eco-friendliness of electric vehicles and would also enjoy a Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo as a family car considering he has two young daughters.

With a curious and creative mindset, Gareth is always looking for new challenges and ways to push boundaries. He's passionate about using technology to solve problems and make a positive impact on society. Whether it's coding or exploring the great outdoors, Gareth is always up for an adventure.

You can find Joanne belting her favourite ballad, finding her bliss through Yoga, or nose deep in a botany book. Joanne’s innate cheerfulness and keen problem-solving skills mean you're in capable hands whenever you call BOTB HQ!

Juan is a multidisciplinary designer who loves dogs & house music and is likely to beat you at a RockBand match. Part of the marketing team, bringing a creative Latin American spirit to BOTB. Juan is happy to have changed the sandy beaches of Dubai for the best-est city in the world: Londooon! Dream car would be an Aston Martin or one of those vintage convertible Mercedes.

Lizzie is a real dog lover, but when it comes to cars, she prefers the feline form – she loves anything Jaguar! When Lizzie's not busy helping customers with queries, she enjoys time in the kitchen baking delicious treats... or mixing up some cocktail creations!

Nathan is possibly the only person to employ the services of a celebrity photographer and retoucher for his corporate headshot. Despite this vanity, he does, in fact, cut his own hair and was recently trolled by his wife for wearing skinny purple chinos (rolled up to reveal a 'Mankle') while interviewing Dream Car winner Chris Hutchings. Along with chatting to winners, filming follow-ups and encouraging the Press to write about BOTB, he lusts after the new Porsche Targa. But he needs to buy a new kitchen first. Priorities eh? Vroom.

If it can't be fixed with an electric screwdriver, zip ties or gaffer tape, then it can't be fixed, says Rupert. Getting around town in an Audi A3 Hybrid, he'll opt for the Ducati 1100 if he's running late to work. He's previously owned an AC Cobra (pre-kids!) and dreams of owning an Ariel Nomad (post-kids?) Although his three young children take up most of his time, family-man Rupert still manages to stay fit with the occasional spurt of kite surfing and even manages to compete in events such as Ironman... which he begrudgingly admits was because of a lost bet!

A bookworm from Stoke-On-Trent, Sam manages content and SEO for BOTB. When Sam isn’t writing articles about his favourite cars, he’s probably got his head in a book. Sam’s dream car isn’t strictly a car… Rules were made to be broken! Sam would love to have a Knaus SUN to take on his travels.

Sara enjoys jogging, good cocktails (especially a Mai Tai), and is a real foodie – but definitely prefers eating over cooking! Her dream car would be anything Mercedes-Benz, but she'll settle for a Nissan Juke or Peugeot 2008 in the meantime.

Sean loves filming everything and anything, whether that's the Dream Car, Midweek and Lifestyle surprise videos or general car content for our YouTube channels. When Sean isn't filming, he's constantly going on about how much he loves the Audi RS3 – much to the annoyance of everyone in the office! Sean is a keen sports fan and loves skiing and football… although his Fantasy team suggests otherwise!

Simon turns huge sheets of seemingly random numbers and codes into meaningful, insightful and (most importantly) beautifully formatted graphs and charts. When not crunching the numbers at BOTB HQ, he writes music and creates sound effects for various fringe and amateur theatre groups around London but has yet to soundscape a play about cars (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one day, maybe?) If he were an Edwardian gent, born in the late 1800's he'd dream of owning a Lagonda Torpedo, but as an eighties child, he'll settle for a Lotus Exige instead!

Tim is BOTB's resident blogger and expert on all things car-related. As proficient using Facebook Live as tinkering with engines, Tim likes nothing better than getting under the bonnet of a car - any car!

Starting at BOTB back in 2007 when the website was... purple... Vanessa has always been close to Customer Service but is now BOTB's Operations Manager, ensuring we're all in line and the ship is sailing smoothly. She's got a soft spot for the Audi R8 Spyder but would settle for an Audi TT RS Roadster. Vanessa even knows which shoes she'd wear to match the car! Having an Audi would definitely incentivise her to learn to drive something other than a Go-Kart!