A Dartford plumber who watched people winning supercars online had all his Christmasses come early when he was picked as the next winner.

Tom Harvey likes to enter competitions to win cars frequently, but even so he was shocked when he was handed the keys to a £100,000 Porsche 911.

He said: "It’s pretty amazing. I’ve watched the winners’ videos time and time again and you always hope that one day it will be you. Well, today’s my day."

“I’ve been playing for a few different cars but this is the one I really wanted. It’s a proper dream come true.”

Christian Williams, from competition website BOTB, travelled to Tom's house in Bean to introduce him to his new supercar.

In the video of the car reveal, Tom was blown away by the car, saying all his Christmasses had come early, especially because, as he said, it was "snowing too".

He also talked about how the first thing he plans to do is drive to the French Riviera and Monte Carlo.

Tom’s dad Bill, who runs Harveys Plumbers, was delighted for his son but as a regular BOTB player was hoping it will be his turn soon.

Christian, who delivered the good news, said Tom was a thoroughly worthy winner.

He said: “I have one of the best jobs in the world, handing people the keys to their dream car.

“But it’s all the more magical when that experience is shared with family."

“The 911 GTS is a stunning piece of kit and sounds incredible. Tom will have plenty of fun for sure, whether it’s snowy or not.”