Day to celebrate for publican after winning £60K car and boot-load of cash {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

A CHILMARK publican had the surprise of his life when he won a Jaguar car and a boot-load of cash.

James Barrons-Ruth was busy digging a new driveway at his home when the Dream Car Competitions Company BOTB turned up with the £60,775 Jaguar F-Type V6S with £10,000 in cash in the boot today (Tuesday).

It was his partner Jayne who inspired the long-time Porsche fanatic to play for the half price V6S.

“I’ve been playing for about five years,” said James, who runs The Black Dog Inn. “The noise it makes is seriously amazing."

He added: “It’s totally astonishing and I can’t wait to drive it on all the country roads around here.”

BOTB surprises a winner with a dream car every week and has given away cars worth more than £19million since it was founded in 1999.

BOTB boss Will Hindmarch said he was delighted for James. He said: “James’ partner chose a great car to win. We’re so pleased for the two of them, but are glad we’re not part of the arguments over who gets to drive it first.”


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