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A 22-year-old winner of a cash and car prize has vowed to share it with his mum after being badly affected by the pandemic.

Mohamed Ibrahim from Belgrave scooped a top-spec Mercedes with £10,000 in the boot from after winning an online car competition, Best of the Best PLC (BOTB).

When the keys for the Mercedes A250 AMG Line were handed over to him on the Friday October 30, Mohamed made sure his mum was in on the surprise.

The 22-year-old said the win couldn't have come at a better time after the family clothing business was badly impacted by the pandemic and Britain braces itself for another national lockdown.

The family run a clothing firm Safiya’s, named after his mother, which supplies wedding and special-occasion wear.

Mohamed, who has worked in the family business for three years, said: “I just knew that if I ever won I wanted my mum to be there and to share in the excitement of a surprise."

“I really owe my parents so much as they have always been there for me and encouraged me throughout my life. It was really important to share this with them.”

The mother-and-son duo were lost for words when BOTB presenter Christian Williams turned up at their doorstep to unveil their prize.

“We just didn’t know what to say when Christian turned up - it was quite surreal. I’m not sure it has sunk in properly yet but I can say it was such a wonderful thing to happen for the whole family. It will be a family car and I might even let my dad drive it first," Mohamed said.

Despite the challenges faced, Mohamed and his family are trying to stay positive.

“Even though the current situation has created a difficult time for our business we are trying to remain positive and support each other through everything.”

Mohamed said he was glad that he still lived at home as the country prepares for a second lockdown, so he would be there with his parents throughout.

Best of the Best's presenter Christian, who surprises winners every week, was thrilled to be able to surprise both mother and son.

“It’s always a pleasure to surprise the BOTB winners but this time was particularly moving knowing how much it meant to a young man to create a moment of joy and pride for his mum,” he said.

“It was lovely to watch them share this and to know that it was some positive news for them all to enjoy amid a difficult time for families across the country.

“Our winners tend to be a generous bunch and very often talk about sharing their prizes with loved ones but it was even more of a privilege to see how much Mohamed really wanted his mum to be a part of the whole experience of winning this fabulous car.”

Since being founded in 1999 by William Hindmarch, BOTB has given away more than £34m worth of prizes.

The company, which is listed on the stock market, hands over the keys to two stunning cars each week as well as a ‘lifestyle’ prize.

Other recent winners became the new owners of a Lamborghini and a quad bike as well as a holiday in the Arctic and a Rolex watch.

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