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Guy Wins Second Porsche Two Days After Selling First One For House Deposit {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

In news that will fill you with happiness at someone else's good fortune - or, more likely, make you see the envy at your lack of it - a plumber has won a Porsche for the second time, just two days after selling his first freebie. Oh, and he won a load of cash too.

Plumber Tom Harvey won a Porsche911 Carrera 4 GTS - that's a sweet £110,000 worth of car - as well as £20,000 cash, after he won an online 'spot-the-ball' competition.

Making the grown-up decision to sell the car to put down a deposit for a house with his girlfriend Shanice, the 28-year-old sold the car for around £90,000 - a £20k depreciation but still a nice profit to put towards a family home.

Having struck gold once, Tom then decided to start trying to win more child-friendly cars -obviously, still Porches. You're not going to settle for any old tat after driving that type of beauty.

Tom was going about his business, studying at his plumbing course, when competition brand BOTB turned up with the unreal news that he'd bagged himself a Macan S worth almost £50,000.

Obviously, for someone who is bizarrely lucky, it didn't stop there - the boot was stuffed with an extra £20,000 cash.

The second win brought the total of his two prizes to an incredible £198,750.

He had only sold the fruits of his first win last Sunday, just two days before finding out he'd won his second dream car.

Commenting on his amazing double win, Tom, who is from Dartford, Kent, admitted that he was amazed by the win. I suppose you would be, wouldn't you?

He said: "I must be one of the luckiest men on the planet at the moment."

When he got the news, he was in Essex on a course with his dad, Bill.
He added: "I just ditched the course and went straight to Porsche in East London. I seriously never thought I'd win once, let alone twice, so I'm properly gobsmacked."

If you're sat there feeling all sorry for yourself now because of this guy's remarkable jamminess, remember, there's still hope for you yet.

Another guy who was ridiculously fortunate was Sam Lawton. The 19-year-old data analyst enjoyed a huge slice of beginner's luck - after scooping £120,000 ($145,000) with his first ever lottery ticket.

He was having a soak in the bath when he decided to play the National Lottery for the first time and ended up bagging the huge prize.

You've got to be in it to win it guys, remember that.

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