Harbury villager wins Audi in spot the ball competition at airport {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

Harbury resident Raymond Flanaghan had only ever won something from a tombola. That was until he played a spot-the-ball competition at Birmingham Airport and was surprised with a £50,000 Audi A6 Allroad this week. Mr Flanaghan, a retired company director, was handed the keys by dream car giveaway company BOTB after its trademark Tuesday surprise. The 63-year-old was lost for words when Christian Williams from BOTB knocked on his door with the good news. He said: “It was the first time I ever played. “I was just sat having a coffee and thought it would help pass the time while I waited for my flight to Dublin. “I have never won anything in my life apart from on a tombola at the village hall. “I can’t say I had thought about playing the competition before but just on a whim gave it a try.”

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