Man Wins £40,000 Sports Car With £10,000 Stuffed in the Boot- after buying £5.50 Raffle Ticket {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

This is the moment a Cardiff man started swigging champagne to celebrate winning a new Mercedes – and thousands of pounds in cash.

Matthew Edmonds has been presented with a shiny new Mercedes – valued at a cool £37,345 – as well as a whopping £10,000 after winning a website competition.

The 28-year-old said he was “chuffed” to have won the prize, which was driven to his front door in the Rumney area of the city on Tuesday morning.

Passers-by looked on bemused as Matthew celebrated being drawn as the lucky winner of competition run by – or Best of the Best – which gives players the chance to win their dream car by paying for a £5 ticket.

Matthew confessed it had not come as a complete shock, as he had received a phone call a few days previously to check if he was due to be at home.

But he added: “This was not what I had expected.

“From the phone call all I was expecting was a couple of bottles of champagne.

“One of my close mates got me into it about 18 months ago. But I never really expected to get a car.”

Instead, he was greeted with a new silver Mercedes A45 AMG, as well as a suitcase stuffed with money.

Asked how he felt when he was told he was the new owner of the vehicle, he said: “It was unbelievable. I was well shocked. I couldn’t believe it.”

Matthew is something of a petrol head and he said he was very pleased to be handed the keys for his new set of wheels.

“I don’t have a car at the moment,” admitted Matthew, originally from Barry, who is an engineer by trade.

“Mercedes is a good brand, obviously, and with it being the AMG model it’s that little bit better. I can’t wait to take it out. It’s going to be an exciting couple of days I think.”

Matthew, who works as a security engineer for an electricity distribution company, was also delighted to be shown the cash, which had been hidden in the boot of the Mercedes.

He said: “A few of the boys and I are actually planning on going to Miami in September.

“I thought I would need to start saving money but that’s paid for that already!”

Will Hindmarch, from said: “Matthew often plays for different cars.

“He’s obviously really into his cars, which is really nice.”

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