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A 72-year-old sports car fan had his dreams come true when he won a new Porsche.

Mike Stenson, who lives in Manton, Rutland, had been regularly entering an online competition to win the supercar.

He answered a knock on the door at 11.30am on Thursday to find a grinning William Hindmarch, chief executive of the competition company Best of the Best, and a black Porsche Cayman, worth £40,000, parked up next to Mike's Mazda MX5.

Mike said: "I've always loved cars and admit to being something of a petrolhead.

"That hasn't changed at all – even as I've got older I've always played to win the Porsche because I've always dreamed of owning one."It is a real driver's car – perfect for anyone who loves true motoring."

Mike first played the Best of the Best competition 10 years ago at Heathrow Airport, on his way to visit his daughter in New Zealand, and has since played regularly online at botb.com.

People pay to play a spot-the-ball game and the winner of each game wins a car.

Mike will have to choose the specifications and colour scheme for his dream Porsche Cayman before he is given the one he will own.


It’s mind-bogglingly slightly bonkers, and the kind of jackpot event that will make you fabulously rich. Just how would you spend all those millions? Start making your wish list, and don’t hold back!

But while the black Porsche presented to him yesterday was taken away again, he was left with a bottle of bubbly and a big smile on his face.

He said: "I think my first drive will be to go and visit my son, who lives about an hour away.

"He is also a real fan of cars and I know he'll be thrilled and desperate to get behind the wheel and take the Porsche for a drive."

William, who likes to personally surprise every winner of the Best of the Best cars, said he was delighted to meet Mr Stenson and announce the prize.

He said: "I always love to meet a real fan of cars, like Mr Stenson, and know the latest prize has gone to a good home.

"In fact, I know he'll have many hours of motoring fun in the Cayman because he is totally spot-on when he says it's a real driver's car.

"Just knowing how much it means to people is one of the reasons we love what we do.

"It's life-changing in so many ways."

Best of the Best gives away a dream car every two weeks and since launching in 2000 has handed over more than £14 million pounds of cars.

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