Norfolk man wins electric motorcycle worth £12,000 {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

A 64-year-old from Fritton says he is now "fully electric" after winning an e-motorcycle.

Graeme McCredie won a Zero FXS e-dirt bike worth almost £12,000 in a weekly online competition with Best of the Best (BOTB).

When BOTB presenter, Sean Hall, told Mr McCredie that he had won, he said: “What a lovely early birthday surprise.

“I’ve been trying to live a more sustainable life for a while - I’ve upgraded my house to solar panels and an air-source heat pump, so now with this as transport, I think I’m fully electric.”

BOTB has given away more than £44 million worth of cars, previous Norfolk winners include chef Sash Pagi, who won a £50,000 Mercedes, and electrician Daniel Boffey, who won a £40,000 Mini.

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