Oxford man that lives in Aylesbury wins £46k car for his wife {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

A man from Aylesbury has won a car worth £46,000 after purchasing a competition ticket for his wife for just £1.25.

Oliver Slatter, 35, who is originally from Oxford but lives in Buckinghamshire, decided to partake in the BOTB Online Car Competition, which gives members of the public the opportunity to win their dream car.

His winning ticket managed to secure him a top-of-the-range Seat Cupra Ateca worth nearly £50,000.

The vehicle boasts a two litre i4 Turbo engine with 400 torque and almost 300 brake horsepower under the bonnet.

Oliver and Kirsty have been together for 15 years, been married for five, and have two children in four-year-old Chester, and one-year-old Flynn.

He explained: “My wife does all the important stuff like the school run so I wanted her to have a nice car - she deserves it.

“It’s been a tricky few months for us.

“We lost Kirsty’s nan suddenly not long ago and are going through the ups and downs of moving house at the moment.

“I think we were due a bit of good luck to be honest.

“We have an old Nissan Cashqai at the moment so this is certainly an upgrade.”

Radio presenter Christian Williams, who surprises winners every week, was thrilled to give Oliver the good news.

He explained: “The Seat Cupra Ateca is a fantastic car and I’m sure Oliver’s wife Kirsty will be super happy with it. Massive congratulations once again.”

The company was founded by William Hindmarch in 1999 and has given away more than £48m worth of cars so far.

Based in Fulham, BOTB has had winners all across the globe.

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