Spanish Holiday for Banbury Man Gets Even Better After He Wins Porsche {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

A fantastic holiday got even better for a Banbury IT consultant when he won a Porsche Panamera and £10,000.

Matt Smith was sat by the pool at his in-laws home in Alicante on Tuesday when BOTB surprised him with his prize.

BOTB gives one person a chance to win a luxury car each week by paying a fee and playing a game online.

The 48-year-old’s wife, Adele, knew about the win, but kept it a secret. He said: “I am staggered. She managed to keep this to herself for almost 24 hours and I didn’t have a clue.” He added: “This has already been an incredible holiday but now it’s the best ever. I bought the tickets at the airport and while I’ve been close before I never actually thought I’d be the guy who gets the visit.”

The couple will be splitting the £10,000 between their four children. Mr Smith said: “Most of them are coming out of university education with big debts so hopefully this will soften the blow a bit."

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