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Spencer Hill Wins a £55,000 BMW M3 Car Delivered to His Office in John Wilson Business Park, Whistable {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

It was second time lucky for a father-of-two who won a BMW M3 car worth more than £50,000 today.

Spencer Hill, 37, of Chantry Park in Sarre, uncorked the champagne and said it was a dream come true when Best of the Best (BOTB) representative Christian Williams arrived to hand over the keys.

Mr Hill won a Jaguar F-Type from the competition in February last year but decided to opt for a cash alternative to give money to family members including his dying mother.

Mr Hill, who runs S&S Consulting based in John Wilson Business Park off the Thanet Way, is a big fan of BMW motors and explained he will be keeping the car.

He said: "It's just incredible I can't believe it. The first time was a surprise but this is the second time I've won this competition so it's like a dream come true really. I can't believe my luck to be honest.

"In the competition they have special offers on cars so I generally will always go after a special offer because you get more tickets for your money - obviously I'm a big fan of a BMW so it was a good competition to win.

"I'm not sure how much I spent, it was a little bit I suppose but it doesn't matter when you end up winning. I'm going to keep this car and resell my older BMW."

BOTB has stands in most of Britain’s major airports and shopping centres along with a big presence online, and surprises each winner on their doorstep.

He said: "I won last year and I had my doubters then and I had doubts myself, you do spot the ball competitions and anything like that to do with football is a big passion of mine so I like entering them and it just so happens I've won again.

"You have to guess where the football is in the picture and if the picture looked dodgy some weeks I wouldn't go for it."

Mr Hill explained the reason for choosing the cash last year. I took the cash last time my mum was poorly at the time and she sadly passed away - but I wanted to give her some money so she didn't have any worries - Spencer Hill, BOTB car winner

He said: "I took the cash last time my mum was poorly at the time and she sadly passed away - but I wanted to give her some money so she didn't have any worries.

"I gave my partner's mum some money as well, I just wanted to spread the money around really rather than have the car.

"It was a two-seater as well and we've got two young kids so not ideal really but I was very grateful to be in that position.

"The rest of the money was kept for a rainy day because you never know do you!"

Mr Hill's partner Sarah was told about the win by the BOTB team yesterday and the couple is set to be married in August.

He said: "Last time I told her I'd stopped playing she didn't think anyone could actually win and then I won so that was quite interesting. I still tell her I play but obviously not so much.

"It's just another amazing day you just can't explain the feeling to pick up a car and the cash from a game on a whim.

"I'll definitely keep playing for sure, third time lucky. I love the competition it's amazing."

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