Surrey man wins £50k cash and £100k Mercedes car from £2 competition ticket {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

A Surrey man won a £50,000 cash prize and a Mercedes car worth almost £100,000 after spending £2 on a competition ticket.
Robert Bowler, from Banstead, entered the weekly online competition in a bid to upgrade from his Skoda Octavia - and ended up scooping the top prize. The luxury EQS450+ AMG Line car also came with a surprise £50,000 in the boot.
The 71-year-old was working from home when Christian Williams of online contest company BOTB arrived at his door to give him the good news.
Mr Bowler said: "This is absolutely amazing. It's beyond anything I could have ever wished for. I've always been interested in cars and I'm fascinated by electric cars. This is one of the newest Mercedes available so I thought why not - I didn't even think it was in the country yet."
He said he would use the £50,000 in cash towards upgrading the car specifications and on things around the home, which he shares with his wife Rachel.
BOTB's Christian said: "Robert has played for an absolutely amazing prize and I'm super happy for him. This is one of Mercedes' most luxurious cars and paired with the £50,000 in the boot is a huge win. Massive congratulations again!"

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