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The moment a Gloucestershire man learned he had won a £45,000 Lotus Elise sports car {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

A Gloucestershire risk manager who took a gamble on a spot-the-ball competition will soon be driving away with a £45,000 Lotus Elise Sport 220.

Dexter Morse from Lydney in the Forest of Dean had the ultimate wake up call when the organisers called to say he had won his dream car in the competition.

Because he is currently working away in Montreal, Canada he learned about his amazing win in a 6.15am Facetime call from the company.

Presenter Christian Williams told him he had won the luxury motor in the BOTB spot the ball competition.

“That’s really good news and what a great way to start the day,” said Dexter.

“It’s so cute, so sporty and I’ve been playing for a few years and I’ve never been very lucky."

"This is so amazing - just brilliant!”

His reaction is on the BOTB.com video at the top of the page.

Contestants pay between 85p to £8 to fill in a ticket depending on the car they would like to win in the game.

Dexter admitted that he had been eyeing up the Lotus for some time and admired the car’s look.

Asked where he planned on testing out his new wheels he said: “I’m quite close to the city centre so the roads there are okay, but when you head out of town they go a little more up and down so they’ll be great."

BOTB’s Christian said: “We surprise our lucky winners all over the world and sometimes we do catch people in their pyjamas.

“We’re so glad that Dexter seemed thrilled to have been woken up with his new wheels.”

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