Watch the amazing moment Southport man wins 50 GRAND CAR and 10 GRAND CASH {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

A retired Southport fire fighter is celebrating after winning a £50k sports car and £10k in cash.

Phil Wakefield, 57, claimed the incredible prize after winning in an online spot the ball contest.

Phil, who retired three years ago after spending 15 years as a station officer in Southport, is now the proud owner of Vauxhall VXR8 GTS.

He learnt of the news when Christian Williams, of car giveaway company BOTB, visited his house to bring the surprise.

“It was a massive surprise,” said Phil. “I’ve always hoped I was going to win.

“When Christian knocked on the door, I thought ‘Wow!’. he was obviously only here for one thing.

“I’m into Formula one and I’ve had a couple of cars in my time but never had a beast like this.”

After posing for photos in an older version of the super car, Phil, who currently drives a Kia Sportage, will now get a brand new model of the £53,625 motor.

Remarkably, he only began taking part in the competition after his friend Nick won a brand new Mercedes last year.

He has now been taking part in the game, which has been running since 1999 and has, for around seven months and estimates he has spent almost £2,000 to win the big prize.

Phil, a father-of-two and grandad-of-three, said he couldn’t wait to share the news with wife Sheila.

“I’ll probably get told off for spending too much money on it but then she’ll be happy.

"She’ll probably say I can have the car and the money is for a cruise!

“We love going on cruises and taking life at a slower pace so this money will definitely help.

“Of course, the car is a monster and with the V8 under the bonnet I’m not sure it’s possible to go at a slower pace, so maybe we’ll have the best of both worlds.”

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