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Instant Win
  • Win one - or more - of over 22,000+ prizes instantly!
  • £27,000 in prizes up for grabs.
  • Ticket numbers are randomly generated once you’ve checked out with your Lifestyle Competition tickets
  • Simply grab your Lifestyle tickets, and you're automatically in the Instant Win draw!
Ends 23:59 Today


Instant Wins Competition

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Would you like to instantly win amazing prizes?

With BOTB’s new Instant Wins competition, find out what prize you’ve won as soon as you enter! 

There are so many prizes to be won instantly – every ticket is a chance to win!


What Are Instant Wins?

Instant Wins are a type of competition in which you find out if you've won a prize immediately after entering, rather than waiting for a draw or announcement at a later date.

Two main things make up an Instant Win: predetermined outcomes and immediate notification. Typically, Instant Wins have predetermined winning tickets, which are randomly generated when the competition starts. You will instantly win a prize when you select a winning ticket.  

This is where the immediate notification part comes in. To really make it an 'instant' win, winners receive a notification the second they've won a prize on screen. 

How To Enter BOTB's Instant Wins Competition

You can enter our Instant Wins Competition within seconds. All you need to do is buy a ticket and wait to see if it matches an Instant Win number to find out if you're a winner. It is that easy.

What Prizes Are There in The Instant Wins Competition?


You can bag anything from a brand-new VW campervan to £20,000 cash, a Porsche Cayenne, a luxury holiday to Bali, and much more! The beauty of the Instant Wins Competition is that you can win hundreds of prizes. 

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Instant Wins FAQs

Check out frequently asked questions about the BOTB Instant Wins Competition.

Are Lottery Instant Wins Fixed?

No, BOTB's Instant Wins Competitions are not fixed. The winning tickets are always set before the competition starts, and tickets are chosen at random!

When Is The Best Time To Play Instant Wins?

There is no best time to play Instant Win games as winners are always chosen at random, so you're as likely to win whether you play on your lunch break or later in the day.

Can You Play Instant Wins for Free?

Yes, you can play in our Instant Wins Competition for free by entering via our postal entry – although the cost of postage will need to be covered.

Does BOTB Any Other Competition

Absolutely, BOTB runs several different competitions every week. In the Dream Car Competition, you can win your dream car.

We also host a 48HR Lifestyle Competition prize draw. To enter, you need to buy tickets and checkout. Simple!