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What Are Your Chances of Winning Omaze Vs Lottery Vs BOTB?

Omaze vs lottery


We take a closer look at three of the most popular online competition sites in the UK in this review of Omaze vs the lottery vs BOTB, and which one you have the best chances of winning. 

Omaze runs monthly house giveaways, the National Lottery awards cash prizes, and BOTB gives players the chance to win hundreds of life-changing prizes, including cash, cars, holidays, and much more, every single week. 

Find out whether you’re better off entering Omaze’s house draw, the National Lottery’s lotto draws, or BOTB’s skill-based competitions. 

Omaze Vs National Lottery Vs BOTB: What’s the difference?

The three main differences between Omaze, the National Lottery, and BOTB are that they offer different prize structures, entry methods, and ticket prices. 

Below, we take a look at each factor in more detail.

Entry Method

The National Lottery is a traditional government-run lottery where you buy tickets with fixed prices and odds. There are several different lottery games to explore, like the main Lotto, EuroMillions, and Set For Life. 

Omaze is a legitimate competition site that also runs lottery-esque competitions. After you’ve selected however many tickets you’d like, you’re entered into a random prize draw. The only slight difference here is that, unlike the lottery, Omaze doesn’t set fixed odds – your chances of winning completely depend on how many people enter the competition in any given month.

With BOTB’s Dream Car Competition, nothing is left to chance – it’s all about skill. The winner is decided based on a game of Spot the Ball. Players must select where they think the ball is in a football photograph, and the person who selects the closest coordinates to the panel of independent judges wins their dream car.

Prize Structure

The National Lottery offers multiple prize tiers for every draw. How many lottery numbers you match will determine which cash prize you win. 

Omaze gives away two prizes each month: a million-pound house and either a supercar or cash.

BOTB, on the other hand, gives everything from supercars and motorhomes to life-changing cash sums, holidays, gadgets, site credit, and more each week. In fact, we've just launched a brand new Instant Win Competition, with thousands of winners every time. 



Ticket Price

This table illustrates how much tickets cost to enter Omaze, National Lottery, and BOTB prize draws.

Competition Minimum Price to Enter
Omaze £10 (for 15 entries minimum)
National Lottery £1 - 3
BOTB 40p - £5.60


As you can see, players must have a minimum spend of £10 to enter Omaze’s house draws, £1 for The National Lottery, and just 40p for BOTB competitions.


What are your chances of winning Omaze, the Lottery, or BOTB?

Your odds of winning the grand jackpot in the UK National Lottery’s Lotto Game by matching all six main numbers are 1 in 45,057,474. This is based on the fact you need to match 6 main numbers, and the current ball pool is 59 numbers. There are smaller prize tiers for partially matching numbers with better odds. For example, you have a 1 in 96 chance of winning £30 by matching 3 main numbers.

By comparison, it’s impossible to estimate the odds of winning in an Omaze draw, as the odds are not stated. Your chances of winning will fluctuate every month, depending on how many tickets are sold. Your odds of winning will get smaller as more people enter the competition. 

As BOTB’s Dream Car Competition is skill-based, your odds of winning ultimately depend on how well you play the game, along with how many people enter. Practice makes perfect!

Why Choose BOTB


We've given away hundreds of thousands of prizes and we're not slowing down anytime time. If you’ve never played with us before, you’re in luck – new players regularly bag their dream car on their first go after a few practice rounds!

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