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The first-generation BMW X1 was a bit of an oddity, looking more like a raised up estate car than an SUV, but it managed to score huge sales world over nonetheless.

But now BMW have gone all out with the latest X1, giving it mini-X5/X7 looks and it really works. A great looking small SUV with all the premium aspects you come to expect from BMW.

This xDrive20d model has a fantastic 187bhp diesel engine that is not only powerful but manages almost 50mpg in mixed driving.

Add in sure-footed 4-wheel-drive and a roomy interior and you have a stylish, practical, fast and economical SUV. What’s not to like? 

Get your tickets, play Spot The Ball and wait to see if you're next week's winner! 


When BMW released the M2 in 2015 it quickly earned its place among the M/// greats, with many proclaiming it was actually a better driver’s car than the M4.

But times move on and the 2-Series coupe got a facelift, so BMW decided to take the opportunity to give the M2 a steroid injection too...

The first change you notice is the nose, which has a lot more angles – especially the grille which now almost blends into one piece. The head and tail lights get new graphics, there are a new set of alloy wheels, and inside you get the M4-style bucket seats.

But the biggest changes come under the skin. The M2 Competition now has the M3/M4’s S55 engine, down-tuned slightly to 404bhp. This means there are an extra 40bhp and 50Nm of torque, which enables the 0-62mph time to drop to 4.4 seconds for the manual and 4.2 seconds for the optional seven-speed dual-clutch box.

With all these changes it looks like BMW has just made the best even better and the M2 Competition could be your next week - get your tickets now and you could be the next Dream Car winner! 

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