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Retail Price £140,000
Cash Alternative £112,000
0-62mph 3.4secs
Top Speed 199mph
Power 562bhp
Displacement 4.5ltr
Engine Position Mid
Drivetrain RWD
MPG 23.9
CO2 275
Engine / Cyls V8
Torque 540

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Ferrari 458 Italia came out, but incredibly it was actually launched in 2011. We’re now heading towards the later end of it’s successor’s life cycle so it’s easy to forget the normal 458. The 488 that replaced it gained turbos on its V8, so the 458 Italia will forever be the last naturally aspirated V8 and for that it should be applauded as that V8 is a masterpiece – it revs freely up to 9000rpm creating the kind of noise that is evocative of old Formula 1 engines and is a sound the 488 can only dream of. The steering is direct and it handles like a dream, while gears are handled by a dual clutch paddle shift which is so fast it’s almost telepathic. The value of the 458 has steadily been creeping up in the last couple of years too, so this really is the Ferrari to own at the moment.

Note: The winner will be able to select a used Ferrari 458 Italia from the second hand market up to the value of £140,000.

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