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Mercedes AMG GT-R

Mercedes AMG GT-R


Somewhere at Paramount Pictures there’s a person with one of the coolest jobs ever. They sit down when there’s a new Transformers film being planned, and try to choose which cars they’re going to feature, that drive around on camera and then thanks to the wonder of CGI turn into 25ft-tall battling robots. So for the latest instalment – The Last Knight – said person looked around and thought they fancied, among others, the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Centanario (both a tiny bit pricey for our comp) and the Mercedes AMG GT-R. Now as cars that look evil go, the GT-R has got it sewn up – the massive grille, the huge intakes, the wide arches, the massive diffuser and rear wing. It looks like it would eat other road users alive and then spit them out again. But this isn’t just for show – the AMG GT-R is incredibly fast around the Nurburgring, makes a frankly hilarious amount of angry V8 noise and is crazy fast. That noisy 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 puts out 577bhp to the rear wheels, so it’s lively, but a multi-stage traction control system (unique to the GT-R and based off the GT3 race car system) helps to keep it in check.


Engine / CylsV8 Twin-Turbo Power577bhp
Displacement4.0ltr Torque700 Nm
Engine PositionFront Top Speed198mph
DrivetrainRWD CO2259 g/km
MPG24.8 mpg Retail Price£141,745
0-62mph3.6secs Cash Alternative£113,000

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