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Mercedes GLE350d AMG Night Edition

Mercedes GLE350d AMG Line


It’s quite telling of the fast pace of the SUV market that the Mercedes M-Class was replaced by an all-new model after only 6 years. Times move on, as does technology and buyer tastes and Mercedes needed a new SUV that was at the top of its game. But a company’s styling needs to gel and with the new S- and C-Class launched they needed to keep the styling going and created a new naming convention too – so the new GLE was born. They have gone for a more rounded styling theme than the previous ML, and the new GLE looks more like an estate car on steroids - butch, yet sleek and stylish with an aggressive front end on this AMG Line version. Powered by a 3.0 V6 turbodiesel engine, the GLE350d moves with ease thanks to 256 bhp and 457 lb/ft of torque. With all that torque on tap at just 1600rpm and four-wheel drive to apportion it to each corner, the GLE350d punches out of corners with great enthusiasm and hangs on exceptionally well when pushed hard. A truly high quality interior, superb looking instruments, nicely damped controls, commanding view of the road from the driver’s seat, spacious cabin with added shoulder room, copious luggage space, state of the art entertainment and communication systems and outstanding quality to name but a few, certainly adds to the overall appeal of the new GLE. 


Engine / CylsV6 Turbo Diesel Power256bhp
Displacement3ltr Torque620 Nm
Engine PositionFront Top Speed140mph
DrivetrainAWD CO2179 g/km
MPG42.8 mpg Retail Price£57,905
0-62mph7.1secs Cash Alternative£46,000

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